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GHANA: The Brand In Every Home

It’s been 20 years since Ghana initiated relationship with its nutritional love, Cowbell. Sufficient evidence abounds that, Ghana is being blessed with numerous innovative and value-added milk products.

The availability of the Cowbell within the borders of Africa including Ghana didn’t just happen on a silver platter. Cowbell formed the first and the flagship brand of Promasidor Ghana Limited (PGL). The company started operations with Cowbell as the only existing brand before venturing into other products.

Promasidor, according to their official website, was founded in 1979 by Robert Rose, who left the United Kingdom (UK) in 1957 for Zimbabwe to pursue his African dream and aspiration. Whilst Chairman of Allied Lyons Africa for over 20 years, he travelled extensively across Africa and gained a unique and thorough knowledge of the food industry throughout the continent.

In particular, he noticed a lack of availability of the one highly nutritional product that the developed world takes for granted-Milk. He realized that with the technology in the manufacture of milk powders advancing rapidly, there was an existing opportunity to provide milk powder in small portions that could be packaged in flexible sachets. It was also found that removing the animal fat allowed for a long shelf life.

This meant that for the first time, milk powder could be distributed across the vast African continent, providing access to affordable milk to everyone in Africa. A passionate belief in this vision fueled the pioneering concept of selling milk powder in small sachets and Promasidor began selling the Cowbell brand in the Democratic Republic of Congo, (then Zaire) in 1979.

Today, Cowbell is sold in many countries which Ghana is undeniably no exception. In Ghana, Promasidor started operation since 1999 and through dint of hard work, their range of products have become firm favorites among Ghanaians.

One may ask, was Ghana prepared to enjoy the products of Cowbell or has Ghana benefitted from the products of Cowbell? Over the past two decades, the brand has provided a wide range of powdered dairy products to culinary food enhancers and refreshing beverages, to meet the nutritional needs of the Ghanaian society.

The brand has since supported the aspiration of many Ghanaians through countless community support initiatives; which formed the theme for its 20years of nourishing bodies, minds and dreams.Let me make you privy to some of them.

Prominent among them is the initiative by name ‘Cowbellpedia’, a quiz competition which is geared towards identifying, recognizing and rewarding excellence in the subject area of Mathematics. As a result, the impact has been massive in arousing and re-awakening the interests of students across the length and breadth of the country.

Promasidor Ghana Limited has also commissioned 20 boreholes in some deprived communities as part of activities when it celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

The Managing Director of Promasidor Ghana Limited, Festus Tettey during the launch of the 20th –Anniversary celebration emphatically stated that, the company is going to embark on developmental projects to give back to society by way of assuring patrons of cowbell milk that the company will not renege on it efforts to continually innovate and create solutions to meet their needs.

Source: Cowbell GhanaSource: Cowbell Ghana

Managing Director of Promasidor Ghana Limited, Mr. Festus Tettey

“Our promise to our loyal consumers is that we will not relent on our efforts to continue to innovate and create solutions to address their needs. As a true communal brand Cowbell will continue over the next two decades and even beyond to actively engage with its community in line with its essence and pay off our milk.” Mr. Festus Tettey indicated.

It is no surprise, in June 2010, the brand held close to 24% share in market volume, tripling the volume of competing products like Nestle’s Milo and Cadbury’s Bournvita. Let’s walk in the journey of milk. Milk is the most perfect single balanced food of high biological value in nature as it contains almost all ingredients of food in right proportion and any easily digestible form. It is a compulsory part of daily diet for the expectant mothers as well as growing children (one to two years).

Milk has good quality protein, lactose, fat, non-protein nitrogen and ash and is a unique substance in that it is consumed as fluid milk with minimal processing and also it is the raw material used to manufacture a wide variety of products.

Ghana’s nascent food industry holds a lot of promises and it is poised to usher the country into the economic and health paradise that it has longed for. In an attempt to develop the country’s health human resource and potential, there is the need to direct attention to the key impacts of Cowbell.

Since its inception, Cowbell has brought together Africans and people of African descent as well as persons committed to the well-being of Africans on the continent. This provides the opportunity for Ghanaians and people of African roots to share ideas, experiences and in areas that will inure to their health benefits.

The company’s export destinations include Togo, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cote D’Ivoire.

Apart from this, taking a critical look into the number of household that consume the products of Cowbell will leave you in a trance that will domesticate you in the wonderful world that you have dominance over. For instance, the cost of Cowbell product ranges from the following;

• Cowbell Milk 400 Sachet costs Gh₵16.50

• Cowbell Sachets 23G (Strip of ten) costs GH₵10.00

• Cowbell Milk 400G Tin costs Gh₵22.00

• Cowbell Sweet Milk 5G (Strip of ten) costs GH₵3.11

• Cowbell Coffee Milk 40G (Strip of ten) costs GH₵11.00

• Cowbell Coffee Milk 400G Tin costs GH₵16.50

• Cowbell Choco Malt Milk 40G (Strip of ten) costs GH₵11.00

• Cowbell Strawberry Milk 40G (Strip of ten) costs GH₵12.00

• Cowbell Mocha Milk 40G (Strip of ten) costs GH₵11.00

• Cowbell Semi-Skimmed Milk 400G Tin costs GH₵18.00

• Cowbell Coconut Milk 40G (Strip of ten) costs GH₵11.00.

From the prices indicated, why can’t we be receptive of the financial strides that Cowbell is making? Undoubtedly, the gains are impressive and massive. This is the singular reason that even if, a million people of the current population of the country buy into Cowbell per day, then the monetary returns need not to be told than imagined.

Is Ghana going to continue breastfeeding from its Mother (Promasidor)?

It’s already been 20 years gone down the drain and Cowbell is still delicious, nutritious and tastes just like fresh cow milk. It is ideal for every family, and is specially made with fresh skimmed cow’s milk and vegetable fat, devoid of cholesterol. Cowbell is packed full of nutrition and goodness. It contains the proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals essential for the whole family. The protein in Cowbell provides the building blocks necessary for making and repairing body tissues such as muscle and skin.

It, is, therefore, important that, pragmatic measures are put in place with collaborative efforts from development partners and other stakeholders of Cowbell to create a phenomenal growth among Ghanaians. The company will also stand a better chance of registering significant annual growth rate. Its impact at both local and international levels will be remarkable in economic terms and nutritionally with our rich, splendid vision of providing quality, affordable milk powder reverberating through all corners of the world. Cowbell, our nourishing partner.

By Bright Philip Donkor


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